The 6 Best Cat Brushes in 2022

We use combs made of natural rubber, which are less comb-like and more feather-like in their thickness. These brushes give us the most flexibility to use comb-like strokes to groom cats and can’t be combed with other brushes.

Why natural rubber combs? Natural rubber is much less likely to break off brushes and is designed for cats with thick coats like tigers or lions. These brushes tend to be larger, which is useful when cats have shorter hair or are not as thick a coat.

Check the brushes closely to make sure they are wrapped tightly around the combs, and that none are loose or out of place.

Make a Choice

There are combs with long flexible handles and short stems and others with short flexible handles and long stems. Each type gives you a choice of brushing method and tool length. Some cats need more firm brushes for thick coat shedding and some don’t. Check the combs thoroughly for any snags or loose brushes and cut some loose if needed.

Check Your Brushes

When you get your first set of brushes, make sure you brush all the cats and their combs and brushes to make sure there are no breakage ends. Make sure the combs are for cats with long hair and comb in small sections. If the cat is younger or there is hair loss, you can brush fur with a comb that has a comb handle. This is a quick, easy, and gentle method for removing loose hairs, combing into the comb, and even combing between the cat’s toes. When combing a younger or very thin cat, you want to comb through but make sure ideas.

We recommend different brushes for different cats, including ones for small cats.

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