Kevin Durant receives a tough recruiting presentation from Damian Lillard. An elite running partner is required for Damian Lillard.

On a Saturday Instagram story, the Trail Blazers' accurate shooter made a direct appeal to Kevin Durant to visit Portland. It appears that he received assistance, unless he possesses Photoshop expertise in addition to his basketball and hip-hop skills.

Around midday on Saturday, Lillard shared the picture of him wearing a Trail Blazers uniform and standing next to Durant. It vanished by Saturday night. But he left it up long enough for social media users, including his teammate Jusuf Nurkic, to take some screenshots.

Why wouldn't Nurkic and the Trail Blazers' entire organisation want to support their franchise player in his presentation to Durant? Is there a possibility that Durant is curious? The future?

A Brooklyn Nets season that began with dreams of a title ended in flames when the Boston Celtics swept them in the opening round. Kyrie Irving's sabotage and reluctance to be available for the most of the regular season contributed to this. Irving's future with the Nets appears to be in jeopardy due to the team's apparent fatigue with his dependability. It's a circumstance that might eventually cause Irving and Durant to part ways.

Even if the necessary dominoes fell in Brooklyn and Durant was genuinely interested in Lillard's offering, the move is exceedingly improbable in reality. The first year of Durant's four-year, $194 million agreement is quickly approaching, keeping him under Brooklyn's control until the 2025–26 campaign.

All in all, it's an absurd long shot. However, it's exciting to dream if you're a fan of Lillard or Portland. The NBA offseason revolves around it.