John Cornyn compares Roe v Wade reversal to Brown v Board of Education

Cornyn objected after Barack Obama reiterated the risks of overturning the significant 1973 Supreme Court judgement.

One day after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, which for over 50 years guaranteed people the right to an abortion, a Texas senator is making headlines for drawing parallels between the decision and a previous one on segregation.

Former president Barack Obama's tweet criticising the Roe decision drew a response from Texas Senator John Cornyn. "Now do Plessy v. Ferguson/Brown v. Board of Education," Cornyn, a fervent opponent of abortion, retorted.

What Cornyn intended by his tweet is not quite apparent. Some others think he was urging the Supreme Court to overturn the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, which mandated integration in segregated schools.

Others believe he was alluding to the precedent-setting Plessy v. Ferguson case, which was later overturned by Brown fifty years later. If so, the contrast is odd given that Roe established rights for persons whereas Brown's reverse eliminated them.

Almost 50 years have passed since the historic Roe v. Wade ruling legalised abortion, setting up a raging debate that touched on everything from politics to health care.

According to Alito, "Roe and Casey are overruled; the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; and the power to restrict abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives."