3 awesome night-time rituals that will help you feel great

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Never underestimate the power of taking some time to concentrate on your body and mind.

I have a guideline. In all honesty, its the only rule I follow every day, regardless of what. I turn my TV at 8.30 sharp and do not look at my emails or societal media after the cut off time. This simple custom has helped my mental health tremendously as disconnecting from outside press gives me a while to concentrate on a few important things like journaling, listening, listening to a podcast. As a consequence of this rule, I sleep restfully and wake up feeling calm and positive.

Also, in between my cut off time and until I hit the mattress, I consciously practice 3 simple night principles to align my mind and body. I call it the’Neha Time’ simply because these 3 habits are best for me personally and I believe it will help you as well if you decide to follow along.

Here what they are:

Ritual 1: I Rub Lavender Oil All Over My Body

There’s something about the smell of lavender which immediately boosts my mood, makes me feel calm, happy and more importantly, assists me to centre myself. Many studies have proved the impact of Lavender on the nervous system and I can vouch for its benefits such as better disposition, less anxiety and a general sense of health. So overnight I use lavender oil on my neck, arms and legs ( not face) and soak in the smell for some time. My brain and body love it!

Ritual 2: I Apply A Hydrating Nice Night Cream On My Face 

Before I used to employ Argan Oil on my head at night due to a lack of great choices. However, I had to change to a night lotion once I recognized that my skin needed deeper hydration ( earlier I’d wake up with very dry and stretchy skin). Therefore, during my quest for the best, cruelty-free choice I discovered that the Cica Night Cream from AUUR PRIVEDA.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and my skin feels super hydrated, smooth, plump and soft. Even though I have combination skin, I feel this product suits all skin type and the very best part? It’s free of parabens and all harmful chemicals and is among the best product available in the market today. Also Read: I Replaced My Lunch With A Meal Nutritional Supplement For 15 Days — Here’s What I Realised

Ritual 3: I Exercise Guided Meditation for 20 Min

I’ve been practising vipassana meditation for several years now but since the past couple of months, I book that just for my mornings. At nightI put on my headset and clinic guided meditation through my phone. The reason? I find it easier to declutter my thoughts at night when someone is guiding me through it. All the chaos and piled up thoughts from the day just melt away when I listen to the calming voice of one of many online teachers. Since there are so many great guided meditation videos on Youtube, I usually pick the ones dealing with stress, nervousness and calmness.

It is possible to try my favorite guided meditation here.

To be honest, I have customised the above rituals according to my needs, psychological and physical needs.

But there is also a strong universal benefit of the 3 rituals and I hope you’ll try them as well. And if you like it as much as I think you will, then drop me a message. I would really like to hear about your experience.


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