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Neurologist gives 6 Tips to Face Chronic Migraine

Do you have a severe headache that interferes with your daily activities? You may be suffering from chronic migraine, a throbbing pain on one or both sides of your head that lasts at least 15 days in a month or for several days in a row. Headache is multifactorial, which means it can be caused ...

How to stop morning sickness in early pregnancy

Morning sickness in early pregnancy, Nausea during pregnancy, Foods that fight nausea during pregnancy, What to eat after vomiting during pregnancy, Home remedies to stop vomiting in pregnancy If you have problems with vomiting or nausea in the morning, then for this you can mix lemon and black ...

Beaurit Home Pilates Set I Foam Roller Set

Home pilates set, Foam roller, what is pilates, pilates exercise, pilates meaning, beaurit topping, Back Massager, Massage Roller, Yoga Roller. The Beaurit Foam Roller is designed for professional athletes and personal trainers. The Beaurit Home Pilates Set is perfect for Crossfit enthusiasts, ...

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